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  • A case, 1/3 Sony 480tvl, 0.5lux, w/o lens, which means lens should be purchase additionally the vast majority of c-mount lenses are built for the 8-mm and 16-mm film formats and the 1/3-, 1/2-, 2/3-, and 1-inch video formats, which corresponds to a range of image circles from 5 to 17 mm diameter, approximately cctv lenses are available in two different lens mounts. "c-mount" lenses have a flange back distance of 17.526mm vs. 12.5mm for "cs-mount" lenses.
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Recommended Installation Locations:

  • Jewellery and Diamond Shops
  • Office and Retail Store.
  • Banking and Financial Service Locations.
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Different than the dome cameras, box and bullet cameras offer a more rectangular or cylindrical shape. The narrow landscape can be the ideal condition for a box or bullet camera. A narrow field of view will lead to greater detail and sharper video quality. #cctv #installation #Dealers #company.

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