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DVR / NVR Data Storage Systems for CCTV Cameras

We offers H.264 Digital Video Recorder with a complete range of high performance to provide the excellent video quality.This H.264 Compression method is used to occupy less space in the hard disk but it wont compressed its quality of the picture.This DVR supports 3G danglers,HDMI,VGA,BNC and Rc.

Digital / Network Video Recorder Details!

The word DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder which is used to convert the analog signal to the digital signal. normally all the CCTV camera having image sensor which is giving electrical output according to the image.this electrical analog signal output is feeder to the DVR to convert the signal to digital.This process is done because of the computer. simply computer understands only digital signals.once the conversion process done then we can obtain the signal to use for any application like local and remote view.


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Recording Device Features - E-Sync™.

  • It is provides you flexibility and simple operation.
  • Off-Line and On-Line Data Sharing Options.
  • Extensible Storage Capacity
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Available : 4 / 8 / 16 Channel DVR's

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